Get Your Summer Rolling With These 3 Kid Activities


We’re quickly approaching summer which means 1 thing. School’s out. How will we fill the time all summer?! Here are 3 things you can do with your kids to get the summer rolling.

1. Build a sprinkler.

Store-bought sprinklers are great, like this one, but there’s nothing more enjoyable than getting out some tools and building your own backyard waterpark. Head over to Amazon or take a quick trip to a hardware store and grab this hose adapter fitting (check it out here) along with some PVC pipe. Drill tiny holes throughout the PVC pipe and construct yourself a freestanding structure. (Something like this).

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At one of the bottom ends, attach the hose adapter fitting and connect the hose. In no time flat, you’ll have the kids running through their custom sprinkler!

2. Homemade ice cream.

I would say I’m an average cook. I’m getting better as I branch out to new recipes. 2 summers ago, I started making ice cream. It’s A LOT easier than I thought…a lot. We have an ice cream maker attachment (check it out here) for our mixer (check it out here). Pull up some recipes on Pinterest (this is my fav) and assign steps to your kids.

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It’s a fun activity for everyone and you get a sweet treat at the end!

3. Read.

This may not be a traditional “summer” activity, but reading is one of the most important learned skills, especially for younger kids. Coming off a full school year, it’s easy to slide into beach-BBQ-pool life and forget to exercise your mind. With that said, starting the summer with built in reading time is a great way to keep the brain engaged and fresh. During adult swim at the pool or taking a break from playing at the park, break out some books!

Some schools give out summer book lists, but if yours does not, feel free to ask your child’s teacher!

My kids are on the younger side (almost 4 and 6) so we’re in the early stages of our journey into reading. Here are a few of our favorite reads:

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls


Should I Share My Ice Cream?

If you have some summer kid activities you’d like to share, send them my way or comment below!