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Letter 1 – Small Struggles and Growth

Letter 1 – Small Struggles and Growth

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Dear Fellow Dads,

Parenting is hard. Very hard. Not everything makes sense, but we do what we can with what we have.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being a dad. It’s great. But at times…I find myself laying on the kitchen floor (I literally did this last night – 11/1/18), thinking, “what in the world is going on?”.

Take something as simple as throwing your trash in the trash can. How much teaching and encouragement does it take for a little one to accept that when you have a piece of trash…it goes in a trash can? 🙂


When you need to go to the bathroom…it’s like a signal is sent to your kids brain to immediately sprint to the door and bang on it as loud as possible, for as long as possible, until you open it up. Only to find that the “emergency” is their sandwich has the teeniest bit of crust on it.

Crustless Sandwich
Crustless Sandwich


At the end of the bedtime routine (and we know how long and specific these can get) your kid asks for a sip of water…or something to eat…or another TV show…or the correct assortment of stuffed animals, lined up by height.

zoning out philadelphia 76ers GIF by ESPNMarkelle Fultz zoning out

I’m sure I did these things as a kid and many more kids will do the same. It’s part of growing up. And for us? It’s part of our growth as parents, guardians, educators, leaders, listeners, “inspirers”, and everything else our kids see us as. Our growth is just as important as our kids’ growth because they’re learning directly from us. We’re the example.

Speaking of examples, here’s a quick one of growth that i’ve had. My kids are 6 and 4, so i’m in the early going of all this. I struggled (and sometimes still do) with things not going as planned. In the early going of raising kids, it infuriated me. As months and years went on, I learned that it had nothing to do with my kids. It was purely my unfair reaction to “MY” plan not coming to fruition. It was selfish. It took a while for me to learn this lesson, but I’m glad I learned/am learning it.

home alone battle plan GIF

Not everything must go as planned. It’s nice when it does, but it doesn’t have to be 🙂



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